catmaSutra Six Appeal! till 27th December 2009

catmaSutra Six Appeal is now on at Utterly Art. Do go and visit the catmaSutra cats if you have the time... it's worth a smile or two! Here're some pics from the opening night at Utterly Art. Once again, thanks to all who came down and supported the "wide-eyes-closed" and "ear-to-ear-grin" version of life.

Just like the paintings, life is subjective with so many different world-views, and yet we all want the same things (namely, happiness). The way we define happiness is of course, very different and cuts across powerful combination of life mixing our sense of freedom with money, time, love, security, fear... etc. I think it's important to know that we're all alchemists in our own way - that we have the power to choose our own ingredients and determine how we are. The Colour of Two teases the colours of life into bands that envelop the two catmaSutra cats. Life is a curiosity of intersections and crossroads, of one colour fading and blending into another. There are no coincidences. Everything is connected.

 Colour of Two (48 x 24")

My Sweetest Constellation is about 'falling up', of finding your own direction, of knowing, that however you fall, you can always fall up to a good place... Like a chocolate box of M&M candy-coated constellation, you'll never know what will drop in front of you. All we can do is to enjoy the varied tastes and colours that come our way.

My Sweetest Constellation (40 x 30")

In the same vein, the catmaSutra Jester embodies the light-heartedness of catmaSutra paintings. Things might not always go well for him, but he has great faith that if he just sticks around, reality itself will conspire and come to his aid! This is something worth practicing. Some people are born more of a joker than others, but it's really something that can be cultivated. Haha We really shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Deflate the ego. Enjoy life ;)

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players... "

 The Jester (12 x 12")

Six-appealing split-personalities of the catmaSutra cat (12 x 12')

There's a host of other traits including the cool dude, The Gunslinger (you know how cats always try to act cool when they fumble and then pretend as if nothing happens). The Gunslinger also points to Angel (Russian Blue cat) peeing on the sofa - yep, just one of those things. And we have the dare-devil cat... sometimes, we just have to bite the bullet and do it. Halo (Ginger cat) would make a dash for the front door, sprinting down the stairs into the big unknown. Knowing that Halo is a rather timid cat, it's amazing that she has this sudden 'wolverine-thing' to be so bold and daring. Other split-personalities in this series include the Explorer, the Streetfighter, and the Magician. I like the Magician, as it is at the heart of things that magic happens.

 Changing the way time works (36 x 24")

The past is just memory, the future is mere anticipation and the present is where you can change the way time works. Choosing how you remember the past,  grasping over things that may or may not happen will affect the stage that you're currently in. The potential to change for the better is always now and here. Be happy and you'll stay happy.


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