The Cat Night Out

The Cat Night Out

catmaSutra cat art - The Cat Night Out, 24 x 30"

The night just started
the rain says, 'just a little bit more'.
The road shimmers in the night lights,
the wind says, 'just a bit to set the mood'.

Like this night
coming into existence,
the senses wake, and whirls
in a dancing joy, a secret passage
opens up to
just two people walking together,
talking about life and such;
eating together and feeling
miracles in the air;
the laughter out of nowhere;

your teasing, her flirting,
and that
 ear-to-ear grin of the cat
that jumps back into the window
and snuggles up to bed.

Such is the night
when all I can remember
are earthquake dreams of you.


Make a Date with the cat!

catmaSutra 8 - Ride with Me
Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level 

The Macatlan, 30 x 30"

A setting rich in heritage suited to a mischievous,
complex and reflective moment,
one to ponder the victories won through imagination,
and the freedoms grasped through playfulness!

Here's one for the ride...
The Macatlan.


catmaSutra cat art - Music that we are

 The Music That We Are

Music That We Are (2012) 24 x 48 inches
Acrylic on Canvas

Climb higher to catch a glimpse
of that which the birds are always aware of, 
the first batch of snow flakes released 
like a symphony of music notes.

It's an open secret of the universe,
that there is a rhythm that
everything dances to.
It is the music that we are

catmaSutra 8 - Ride with Me
Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level 



This has always been your universe

catmaSutra 8 - Ride with Me

Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level

Waiting for sunrise...24 x 48"

Life is strange. By strange, I mean you can never pinpoint exactly what life is all about. It contains everything while on its own, it's a huge beautiful white canvas, waiting to be painted on. It manifests our views, and hence has the ability to create life as we see it. 
The world is huge. You can see so many different kinds of life as they are lived, each day different and yet the same. 

Each day when the sun rises, everything brings with it its own life. Beauty is inherent in so many things; choose to seek it, and it appears in a myriad of forms. Wait for the sun to rise; see how the sky breaks, listen to the chorus of a brand new day... 

Walk softly, live gently. 
Be fearless. This has always been 
your universe.


Before the Dance in The Rain

catmaSutra Cat Art 8

Before the Dance In The Rain

The rain has an uncanny ability to change a landscape -
it may be a storm but it's a redemption of sorts;
it's a celebration of an internal change, a quiet shift
that refreshes and softens and as the rain 
dwindle to the soft chirping of birds,
it's like everything is awakened all at the same time -
a moment made anew in a myriad of forms...

I can't resist being part of it- 
the dance of the rain -
 to feel the trickles of raindrops on bare skin,
and the dance of rain patterns through the dark corners
of our hearts, making everything shining again.

Before the Dance in the rain, 24 x 30", 2012
When you catch a whiff of the rain,
get ready for the rain dance....

catmaSutra 8 - Ride with Me

Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level

If for one moment, you find yourself playing and dancing in the rain,
smiling like a little child, and letting it happen,
then the world right there and then would be a 
beautiful place...

Under the Lotus Leaf, 24 x 30", 2012

 “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass,
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene



catmaSutra 8 - Ride with me!

catmaSutra 8 art exhibition

Ride With Me!

 Ride with Me, 36 x 24"

"Ride with Me" takes us away to a place where small things matter more than big ones - like getting ready for a dance in the rain, spending time waiting for the sun to rise, or hours watching birds and fishes glide through their universes. The catmaSutra cats take us through a journey based on innocence, where imagination marries delight, freedom exudes playfulness, such that we can become a child again. We become the music that we are - a blissful symphonic harmony - when we stop to reacquaint ourselves with these moments. Immerse and indulge then in the 8th collection of catmaSutra paintings!

 In the studio...

There's something about a motorcycle that I couldn't resist. Not sure what it is - the open road, the  nearness of the elements, the individuality of the ride, or an indescribable sense of  freedom; perhaps it is the fine line that makes us rebels - The rejection of that which is widely prescribed to the freedom of listening to one's own heart...That heart is a vulnerable one and it will break many times but I suspect it wouldn't have it any other way...

  Rebels, 30 x 30"

 Only the gentle are truly strong.”
~ James Dean

 'Rebels' was recently exhibited and sold at Affordable Art Fair 2012.

More posts to come re the latest catmaSutra painting!

Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level



catmaSutra cat Art at Affordable Art fair 2012

Sneak peek new pieces and fav ones at Afforedable Art Fair, Utterly Art Booth.
Look out the catmaSutra 8 in December!


catmaSutra cat and James Dean,
if only for the freedom of the road...
What makes us us,
and what makes this life so special?

Life is short, break the rules
(they were made to be broken)
Forgive quickly, kiss slowly
Love truly, laugh uncontrollably
And never regret anything that makes you smile.
The clouds are lined with silver and the glass is half full
(though the answers won't be found at the bottom)
Don't sweat the small stuff,
You are who you are meant to be,
Dance as if no one's watching,
Love as if it's all you know,
Dream as if you'll live forever,
Live as if you'll die today”
~ James Dean

 'Looking Through Rose-Tinted Glasses'


“I'm pretty, but I'm not beautiful.
I'm sin, but I'm not the devil.
I'm good, but I'm not an angel.
I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.”
~ Marilyn Monroe

 There's re different ways, but then again,
there's always your way.

 “You only go around once, but if you play your cards right, once is enough.”
~ Frank Sinatra

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”
~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

 See ya in December!


How to make the right decision...

 The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote”
~ Sarah Dessen

When you are at a crossroad, you have to choose. How do you know what to choose - whether it's the right decision or the wrong one. Every decision made from the heart will never be the wrong simply because in life, there is never a right or wrong. The future is hidden, and life must be lived fully regardless of the choice. 

Hence, the first thing to do is to listen to the voice in your heart. Decision time is the best time to learn about your inner voice as you have to contend with what your mind or ego is thinking. Voices that begin to speak of benefits and disadvantages, of what other people might think, of greed, pride, desire - they are all there, all ready to stake their case in claiming your decision. Listen to all these voices - let them come at you, do the math but keep listening to the heart. Is the space inside getting smaller or bigger? 

When you reach a point where there is a big space inside your heart, when it's not clenching any more in any way, that is the decision that your heart has made. Take that path and never doubt your choice - just live it fully and see where the path will take you. And if every decision in your life is made that way, then you have experienced the essence of true freedom, where regrets no longer figure in your life.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
~ Robert Frost



Without You

Caught Rachael Yamagata at her concert in Singapore...

I found that record you'd been looking for yesterday
The one I'd been searching for forever
I played that record all night,you were right
The last song said it all
Even though it skipped a bit,it sounded better
I never,I never,I never knew
The only way to listen to a record like that
Is to play it through
But all of this means nothing
Yeah,all of this means nothing
All of this means nothing
Without you
I packed up the car and started to drive
Without a plan,with no direction
You said it'd be good for me
To break out of my daily routine
You were always trying to teach some lesson
You wanted,you wanted,you wanted me
To feel the open road with the wind on my face
Well,I'm here and I'm finally free
But all of this means nothing
Yeah,all of this means nothing
All of this means nothing
Without you
You and I were partners in crime
Petty thieves in a line up
But somehow we wound up here
I'm looking at a letter that I wrote to you long ago
I wouldn't even know now where to send it
It's funny how it all poured out on paper
If only I had found a way to tell you
If only,if only,if only you
Had found a way to love me for who I am
The way that I loved you
But all of this means nothing
Yeah,all of this means nothing
All of this means nothing
Without,without,without,without you

catmaSutra cat art ~ Bandit Love




In a single day (and in essence in a single moment as that is what it takes to change direction), I can veer into my own ideas of progress or degeneration, from inspiration to frustration, from a good to a bad day or vice-versa. Such is the way our expectations work. We feel as if things have to go a certain way for it to work, and that time is continuous - that it flows from the past, through the present, and into the future. But time is not continuous - it consists of moments that appear and disappear at superspeed. Because we are unable to fathom this, we feel a gap and hence a separation from time based on the hands of a ticking clock. We feel that life is completely separated from the rest of the universe. We try and make time meaningful for ourselves and expect outcomes instead of living it fully and completely. In truth, every moment is separate and it disappears, constantly cutting off our lives.  This is Mujo, the essence of impermanence. In this sense, nothing lasts. As soon as there is relief, there appears another need that requires satisfaction.

Yet at the core of time, there is no gap between our mind and time. We exist as part of time and move  together with the universe and all beings in time that is connected with it. When we are still, there is no layering of concept or idea, we can learn to touch the core of our own life without the labels, the ideas or expectations; we can be present in the real stream of time and looking directly at life itself. And then we'll surface again as the next moment carries us away with its promises, concepts, expectations and all their darker counterparts. These two aspects - one that separates us from time, and the other which connects us - constitutes the original nature of time. If we can understand how impermanence works in our life, we can use time to cultivate a way of life beyond the hands of the ticking clock. :)


catmaSutra Cat Totebags

The color of Two
catmaSutra tote bags!

catmaSutra was conceptualized as a 
way of making the quiet visible,
the soft spot that tugs at the

 Using an expression that closely mimics the
drawings of a child, the
"Wide-eyes-closed" and
"ear-to-ear" smile
of the cat brings
us back to simpler moments...
 A child's wonder
is all we need to see things
in a different light, and
using that light
to make a difference
in this adult's world...

Have a beautiful vision,
Walk softly, live gently