Quirky, Quirky, Quirky...

Quirky, Quirky, Quirky...

Love this piece by Eugenio Recuen especially how the music fade in and out. I love the way he creates his mood pieces; It takes you away from here into another place, a fairy land where everything is possible, and time works in ways that you don't quite understand. At the end of it all, at the end of all the winding, we'll realize that it's enough just to sit with a loved one, and let everything else unfold  in its own time. If we get too caught up, we''' become just another wind-up toy lost in a make-belief world.

It's the facts that lie, never the stories....




Funny how a little theory will appear at the back of your mind and it just does its own thing until it calls out to be expressed! Maybe the sudden change in weather triggered it. It was so hot the past weeks that it was as if an evil climate regime has succeeded in engulfing us in its fiery bubble, beating us down into a heated submission. Then in the last couple of days, it rained and the weather was cool and pleasant. People are more friendly and a stroll in the HDB heartland marketplace was surprising calm and refreshing. And just like that, we have gotten over the tyranny of the evil hot climate (and I guess awaiting its return sooner or later). Haha We also sneaked into Taiwan to escape the heat for a couple of days.

 Piece by Zhang Huan,
Museum of Comtemporary Art, Taipei

A lifetime of impressions - a simple way of putting life into perspective. Minus the impressions, and we're completely at peace. That's probably how meditation works, by cutting through the millions of imprints that we collect. Beneath the imprints is of course our true nature - who we really are - without the distractions. The "Who am I?", "Why am I here?" questions, of course, revolve around spiritual or/and religious arenas and are subjected to many different interpretations, but the essence is always the same. I mean, the truth is the truth, however you want to look at it. The "truth" however, is hard work and often requires a lifetime of commitment which seems incompatible with the values of modern society (blind faith to religious cause is the another extreme). So it comes down to impressions - We live via impressions. If we collect positive impressions, then life inevitably will be positive and vice-versa (the typical law of attraction theory).

 Another piece by Zhang Huan

One purpose of art is to break us out of this mode, as it presents to us another perspective of looking at things. It may not need to make logical sense; indeed it may serve to break us out of the logical mode, and allows us to experience a new phenomenon directly.

 Sensational work by Yoshitaka Amano,
Automotive paint and acrylic on aluminum panel

 Most of us are hopelessly in the middle, and hence we live average lives with our regular ups and downs. So if life as we know it is just a series of impressions, then really, they don't matter that much. Because they don't matter that much, it's easier to let go, and that's probably the first step towards a spiritual journey. Once we've become accustomed to 'watching' these impressions as they appear, that's when all the fun starts. We become more aware of our emotions, our  reactions and we are able to fine-tune them, and by doing so, become increasingly light-hearted.  Not that it is an easy thing to do, but it'll certainly add more spice to our lives.