catmaSutra cat art exhibition 6 - Six Appeal!

Bright, quirky, happy, and extremely sticky... the underlying sweetener that prods and gels catmaSutra 6 into existence. In preparing for Six Appeal, somebody has turned the hour glass upside down ... night becomes day... and mornings slip away before I can shake my dreams away. It's the sweetest constellation, regulated not by the ticking of the clock, but by an 'unnatural' natural rhythm (the stoned-out vampire syndrome). The rainy days are a plus, beating down the incessant heat with its own intense outpouring. The strong thumping of the rain in the early morning hours, in the afternoons and the nights exudes a weird sense of completion. Haha I have taken so many photos of the rain that I can probably do an album on the theme soon. Along with scouting for music (for music that resonates is the sound of the soul), listening to the rain, painting and watching the entire range of activities my cats go through (which ain't that many, considering their favourite zzz pastime)- this is truly the sweet taste of freedom.

Have a beautiful vision.
Walk softy, live gently.
Find your own stars
live for them...

So this is the theme for catmaSutra Six Appeal, finding that quirky, delightful feeling that makes you contemplate and believe that things can be transformed just by holding on to a vision; for an artist, how an empty canvas can be transformed by an idea, into the sweetest constellation - the personal configuration of stars that allows us to move in the way we want. All we can do is believe and follow the signs, or as the catmaSutra cats would have it, the code of Meowism...



catmaSutra cat art gifts and collectibles


Sara Lov - Fountain
animated by  Seonna Hong.


Been raining crazy the past days... but then again, I do like the rain and its music. The sound of rain falling is  like a grand symphony, the chorus followed by the melody...the air cool and moist with birds chirping their little songs one after another. It's all seamless, one blending into another, the waves of thumping raindrops, a strong outpouring and then fades and softens. We take for granted the passing of each day but the rain makes us stop and we should stop for a while. Maybe rain is like music, our little music videos that allow us to swim in its melody... In the grand scheme of things, our time here is short; it's as if we're living on borrowed time.  Every thing fades and softens...

How I loved the rain-
Used to be
because it felt like
for things we did
and didn't do.

The comfort of rain-
because it seemed cold
but  it's warm within.
It tasted bitter-sweet,
 this hidden smile
this fateful tear

I still love the rain
but now only as change
from a sunny day..

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Everything is soul and flowering...



Peace & Happiness

I did a commission of his 2 Bengal cats, and he recommended this clip to me. He was sure that I will find some semblance of truth in it... And I couldn't agree more! So the clip below is an introductory guide to owning a playful cat, who in my case loves catching and chasing lizards, paper (crunched) balls, and his latest craze, a teddy bear key-chain which, when thrown at a fast pace resembled a mini furry creature scrambling for its dear life. Angel plays fetch of course, fetching you the above mentioned prey so that you can release it for its apparent pleasure.

The funny thing is that when we kept the teddy bear toy in a box, he would  'guard' over it by pretending to sleep and flip on his back near the box, which inherently means sleeping on our notebook and pressing countless keys on the keyboard. Below are some of the "stills" of Angel.

Incidentally, Angel peed on the sofa bed so play
was suspended temporarily pending further investigation...

We were of course pretty angry with the "devil-in-disguise" angel, and he received some silent treatment from us. However, after some detective work, we concluded that it was done under duress. There were obviously two piles of shit, with one piece of the shitty business conducted earlier by Halo which was a tad ostentatious in terms of smell. The second piece of business was done in quite a bit of haste, with the last of his chocolate nuggets left on the step just before the exit of the covered litter box.

Angel at the remand centre

 As I happened to wake up late in the day Angel, who I'm sure had vowed at the spur of the moment never to ever deal in that area, decided to take his business elsewhere. We were pretty upset with him, as this was the second time in two weeks. We have to strip the mattress and cushions, scrub and spray smell-curbing chemicals and personal cologne , sun (which is hard to come by in the last couple of days), and finally add a touch of Bengay cream (actually it's for muscle ache) to sufficiently mask the stank of below-the-table business.

Angel relieved at the verdict

After serious deliberation, Angel was let off with a stern warning and found "not culpable in the first degree". We were away for a few days in the first instance and hence not around to be his efficient toilet keepers. He got away the second time as it was quite evident that he was under considerable duress and accepted that it was all a case of bad timing.We also refrain from calling Halo as co-defendant for this smelly episode.

An original commissioned catmaSutra painting
called "peace and happiness"
for Truffles and Silky, aka Paul and Helen

Here's Truffles...
It's a great thing that in commissioning the painting,
they have decided to go for the catmaSutra cats
rather than straight portraits of their cats.

Silky and Truffles

It's the spirit that matters...
Without the spirit, 
there is nothing else...