Catmasutra - Blossoms

It's CNY again!! Well, it's great that the eve is on a Saturday which means that most of us get a full day off before reunion dinner... It's a real lazy afternoon for me and I realised I've been surfing the net trying to find an automatic self-cleaning kitty litter box! yep.. I'm tired of clearing shit haha...(in more ways than one) Actually, an automatic one would be great on occasions when the owners want to go for a holiday... Saw this model, Scoop Free LB1 Self-Cleaning Litter Box by PetSmart... seems interesting but the refill catridges cost $75 for 6 and each can last about 15 days for 2 cats. The box costs about$115. I didn't even know Singapore Post is working with Amazon to sell these stuff. Haha I must come down from the "mountain" more often. It's raining now and I'm just staring out at the window like my cats... Not a very nice view - HDB flats, some trees and light traffic on the roads - but a little space is a blessing already!

I remember when we first came here before they built another condo. The view was different then. There was this open grass patch that is “guarded” by a great big tree. Beyond the tree lay this wilderness with foliage so dense that you believed led to another fairy tale land. Migratory birds flocked there, storks, cranes, humming birds (not our usual set of urban birds). Sometimes you could see packs of dogs emerging from the “forest” as they scour along the drains looking for something. It’s as if the tree is the energy of this life. I loved the view so much that I bought a high table and chairs and promptly placed them in front of the window. Then the tree was torn down. The ground broke open. The birds disappeared. The space vanished and it was as if it never existed. I have never opened the curtains nor looked through that window till today. Strangely enough, I remember the tree vividly.

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