Catmasutra- Garden of Eden - Painting Exhibition

CATMASUTRA ~ The Garden of Eden
Online gallery :

Opening Reception:
15 February 7pm
@ café domus
124 Owen Road

(off Race Course Road in Little India)

Mon-Thurs: 7pm to 12 Mn
Fri, Sat, Eve of Public Holiday:
7pm to 3am
Sun & Weekday Public Holiday: Closed

Paintings will be displayed till 24 February 2008

The garden, as a symbol, has accumulated many meanings in its journey through the ages. If we dig deep enough, we may discover a natural affinity towards a garden and what it essentially means. It is a reflection of nature, albeit a tame and protected version. As only nature knows how, it soothes the soul and perhaps reminds us of a lost paradise, and in particular, the garden in Eden that we have been cast out of! Perhaps it's about us dreaming to return to the innocence of childhood, away from responsibilities and anxieties of modern life, to an eternal blissful present where everything is provided for, with no sense of time, birth, or death. And this idea of eternal present seems to suit the cat just perfectly, and hence, Catmasutra - The Garden of Eden!

This collection showcases the Catmasutra cat as an embodiment of innocence basking in the dreamy ambience of flowers, butterflies, water snakes, enchanted apples and mysterious cat women (The 'Eve's). There is an innocence of time and space that is loosely woven together with symbolic objects to capture the prime center out of which we become aware of our sensibilities. The paintings move us quizzically from Eve as a girl to a woman, the physicality of the cat to the different 'Eve's, the water snakes as temptations ("Love and Other Temptations" inspired by Klimt's Water Snakes), the "Age of Happiness" paired with poppy flowers, innocent desire with sunflowers ("Summer of Desire"), the tick-tock of whisperings in "In-between love" or an enchanted butterfly offering the much maligned apple in the "Apple of my Eye".

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