See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Know all things to be like this:
as a magician makes illusions
Of horses, oxen, carts and other things,

Nothing is as it appears.


See No Evil / Morning Cat
*You're an artist
who paints both with existence and non.
Shams could help you see who you are,
but remember, You are not your eyes.

Hear No Evil / Afternoon Cat
*The waterhole is deep. A thirsty man climbs

a walnut tree growing next to the pool
and drops walnuts one by one into

the beautiful place. He listens carefully
to the sound as they hit and watches

the bubbles. A more rational man gives advice.
"You'll regret doing this. You're so far

from the water that by the time you get down
to gather walnuts, the water will have

carried them away." He replies, "I'm not
here for the walnuts, I want the music

they make when they hit."

Speak No Evil / Evening Cat

*A night full of talking that hurts.
my worst held-back secrets: everything
has to do with loving and not loving.

This night will pass.
Then we have work to do.


CATMASUTRA ~ The Enlightened Series
A solo exhibition by Paul Koh

422 joo chiat road

Paintings will be displayed till 19 June 2008

Opening Hours:
monday-friday: 12pm - 7pm
saturday : 10am - 9pm

These paintings were first inspired by my cat Halo, who when it's too bright, cover her eyes as if asking us to dim the light! Not sure if it's a natural phenomenon but my the other cat Angel has also recently started to do the same. Perhaps he has gotten used to sunglasses...


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Anonymous said...

LOVE this work! It's darlin.