A picture book - The Leaf Named Nip Who Flipped

I've just illustrated a picture book written by R Chandran (founder-director of ACT 3 THEATRICS), and published by Mariah Zainal of Marzarts Publishing. It's quite a little story and I guess one can read it on different levels haha. So here's a little snippet and my take on the story...
"A leaf's job is to cling on to a branch and make food for the plant, using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water," explained his friend. But Nip argued, "There must be more to being a leaf". And there begins the journey of a leaf as only a leaf knows how...

After a few pages... Nip gains enlightenment, a sudden insight into the way things work and an understanding of the most fundamental trick in life...
... the art and adventure of letting go!

"...There is joy, a winelike freedom
that dissolves the mind and restores
the spirit, and there is manly fortitude
like the king's, a reasonableness
that accepts the bewildered lostness.

But meditate now on steadfastness
and clarity, and let those be the wings
that lift and soar through the celestial spheres."


Haha, go get a copy and see how you would interpret the story...
Books are currently selling at BOOKABURRA at level 2 Forum Galleria & Wassini fashion at #01-73 Golden Landmark. Alternatively, email Mariah at marz_artiste@yahoo.com.sg

YEAH! Now for a glass of scotch whiskey
(Adults only)

Shots of the launch at the National Library
Annabelle Francis and Amy Cheng narrating the story...

for passion, story and art...

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