Catmasutra - When nature calls

When Nature Calls (2008) Wallpaper
I have lost my rhythm and I was trying to find it back. It won't come, of course. That's not how rhythms work. It has to do its thing first. The journey is to find it back. We all do this one time or another (or maybe it's just me for I can't live on the surface of things). Like most things, when you look for it, it's not there but when you're ready (and perhaps not expecting it) it appears. I saw a little boy at the supermarket yesterday, standing still. Amidst the maddening crowd, this little kid was there holding up a single prawn with his fingers, slowly rotating and looking at it from different angles. I stood there for a while, watching him and I realized he was completely captivated by the prawn. It was almost as if he finally understood what a prawn really is. The mother returned with a disapproving look and sent him off to wash his hands - the real world beckons - there is no time for magic.

I sell magic beans 'cause I believe in them. It's not something that you keep to yourself. There's just no fun in that. Besides, it helps me to believe in them. See the eyes sparkle for an instant, feel the heart open a little - there's the magic, however fleeting. Alas, if you're like most people (or like Jack's mother) you probably throw them away. There is no place for magic. I sell magic beans because one day when you look at your backyard, you may be able to see a huge beanstalk growing; and if you're lucky enough you could even climb it, steal a glimpse above the clouds. It's hard to believe in magic when no one else believes in it. Yet we all believe in it once upon a time.

Many times I've told myself not to sell magic beans anymore simply because there are no takers. What's the point? Why do I care? There're so many things on sale these days. No matter how many were bought, the shelves keep filling themselves up (almost like magic). Where do all these things go? If that's not enough, we have the 24-hour Valium of the television to lose ourselves in.

"If everything I have become were not machine-made I
might be able to take the risk of being human with you."
~Jeanette Winterson

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