New cat art gifts and collectibles!

Catmasutra cat art is based on the real-life adventures of the artist and his two cats. The adventures begin somewhere between this reality and the dream world of imagination. It’s like an “in-between” world, a gap that perhaps the cats are the best navigators, and the artist a hitchhiker, grateful for the directions in a purely weightless realm. The world is never a mechanical thing, set in its course, bland and monotonous but it is always expanding with possibilities; It's up to us to see the full potential according to our own vision. No one else can think exactly how each of us think, or feel and for this reason, no other person or authority can judge what we really need to make our life more complete as ourselves. We must find out for ourselves what our nature needs to bring it permanent happiness. Then comes the harder part, to let go of our fears and find the freedom to be ourselves completely. This is the world of catmaSutra cats, a world made up of imagination and stories, of childish things, of fairy tales, mythmaking, and all the flights of fancy that grants this artist his

"The highest truth is something imagined,
not proved, and that it comes not in arguments
but in stories..."

Cat lovers alert! Now you can own a little piece of the latest Catmasutra cat art pieces on these cute, vibrant and adorable cat art collectibles! Filled with irrepressible charm & wit, the collection includes keepsake boxes, framed tiles, tote bags, tile coasters, cat art magnet.

More of the latest designs coming your way soon!
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