Cat Monologue

Went down to buy coffee. Was trying to hear myself amidst the noise, listening to voices inside as I stroll through a thin mist of rain. There are two voices talking, one is from my heart. I always hear that first, and then a second voice which is not entirely mine but seems cocksure and as usual, pretty loud. But if you hear deeply enough, it is loud because it is insecure and doesn't want to lose out in any way. Insecurity and fear - they are best friends, almost inseparable. I bought the coffee and saw the cat that I knew; he has been sleeping next to my bike the last few evenings. He was now asleep on a chair tucked underneath the safety of a kopitiam table. I pulled a chair next to him, made eye contact and started patting him. he's a good natured cat and began to flip for me. I pat him on the head, his chin, rubbed his face and letting him rest his head on my palm while he purred away blissfully. The heart seemed settled and quiet - pure and simple. This voice became loud and clear. And when I turned to walk away, the cat sat up wondering where I'm going. Half way across the road I looked back and he was still looking at me.

I went back later and took a photograph of him. He had changed seats but still sleeping tightly seemingly without a care in the world...


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