The Cat Night Out

The Cat Night Out

catmaSutra cat art - The Cat Night Out, 24 x 30"

The night just started
the rain says, 'just a little bit more'.
The road shimmers in the night lights,
the wind says, 'just a bit to set the mood'.

Like this night
coming into existence,
the senses wake, and whirls
in a dancing joy, a secret passage
opens up to
just two people walking together,
talking about life and such;
eating together and feeling
miracles in the air;
the laughter out of nowhere;

your teasing, her flirting,
and that
 ear-to-ear grin of the cat
that jumps back into the window
and snuggles up to bed.

Such is the night
when all I can remember
are earthquake dreams of you.


Make a Date with the cat!

catmaSutra 8 - Ride with Me
Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level 

The Macatlan, 30 x 30"

A setting rich in heritage suited to a mischievous,
complex and reflective moment,
one to ponder the victories won through imagination,
and the freedoms grasped through playfulness!

Here's one for the ride...
The Macatlan.

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