catmasutra Carpe Diem : The Art of Negotiation

The art of negotiation - another painting influenced by Magritte. This was done in Sept 2005 for Catmasutra II. The sky is another element that fascinates me. An image that I remember quite vividly as a child. Lying in the back yard of our house with our resident cat, looking at the clouds traveling across the never-ending sky. On a clear blue day, the sky is about the only thing that seems untainted and that which shelters us all wherever we are. Perhaps it is. We're more connected than we think we are (and i don't mean via technology). The art of negotiation, is perhaps about the way we negotiate with something bigger than ourselves, within ourselves. Haha... watch the sky some day... and also, look at the trees and the skyline when you're traveling in a car or bus... you'll be surprised at what you can see... (yes even in our very urban landscape). And we must save the polar bears and ourselves eventually - stop global warming!
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