Photos from the past

Been a while since I ran about taking photos around this island of ours (probably since my last collective exhibition - "non-collectibles"). This was taken in October 2005 in a lane off Mohammed Sultan Road, where a row of shophouses seem destined to meet its end. I'm not sure why, but the colours, its demeanour and probably its finite form seem to tease "Destiny" to take its final stab. need to go back now and take a look at the shape of destiny. Hopefully it has been restored somehow. Been feeling restless creatively. All the talk about making our nation an Arts Hub. Hahah.. All these notions about hubs seem to be a joke. Somehow the powers that be have no idea what they're talking about. Years of reading the Press and growing up here probably did something to our wire frame. Just this big lethargy in the air. . . Really need to do something to clear the air...
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