Catmasutra- Mind Shaper

He soared with an inexplicable joy when he finally landed on the board. The tender air and the ancient sky, rectilinear and dreamlike, suspended them in mid-air. Moving closer to the edge, the clouds drifted in happy realms of a forgotten childhood. He paused. He couldn't remember exactly but felt as if he had come home after years of wandering.

The board rose high above the maternal darkness below. Looking down, it divided day and night into two equal parts, one belonging to the substance of all dreams, and the other to the manifestation of the material world. And yet it was a spectacular place to be in, where you can drift in and out between the two planes. What is within is reflected without. If only he could remember his travels in these dreams.

At the edge of the board, he finally felt as if he had arrived at his life's true destination. He felt it as a mood of at-homeness. Knowledge of power had taken on the most extraordinary shapes of gods and angels. Then came the courage to dare, and the leap of faith to step out of himself into unbounded realms, free-falling into the living dreams of the universe.

associative writing based on
Ben Okri's
Astonishing the Gods

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