Catmasutra - One

What forms a sentence? What forms words that give rise to a sentence? By virtue of imagination, we create thoughts and whip them into shape, translate them into words and action. The origin of everything begins with a thought. That's the beginning of a cause. The words or actions are the effects. When we are aware of this mode of creation, we get a glimpse of the kind of power we have, for good or bad. That's when we realize we always have a choice. That is the power of freewill. If we can be still for a while, we can catch that one thought that will lead us to wherever we want to go. That begs the question, "Is ignorance really blissful"? Is it always someone else's fault? Did we play a part in whatever that has happened, for good or for bad? We can only act for ourselves and be responsible for our own choices. If we make the right choice, we are free and happy. If we make the wrong choice, we are trapped and frustrated. There is no need to blame anyone else. We can only be comfortable in our own skin and not anyone's else.

So be still, catch that one thought that will change your life!
"Therein resides three thousand realms in a single life-moment..."

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