Catmasutra - Joy Luck Club

I've been wanting to do portraits of people as guest stars, who suddenly find themselves materialized into the catmasutra dreamscape taking on a catmasutra-like appearance, wahahah! There is no distinction between adults and children in this place. They are simultaneously reduced and enlarged, transformed and affected by the eyes-wide-shut and ear-to-ear grin of the catmasutra cat. It's the externalization of an inner world, of a particular emotion at a particular time. So if you have that photo that captures that singular emotion, you may want to do a catmasutra portrait!

Hoods are like magic headgears. There's something secretive about them, which hides and reveals a personal myth or fairy tale, and the magic element that is the gateway into the Catmasutra realm wahahaha! And I can embellish it anyway I like, with cat ears, a rhinoceros horn, with flaps, or any weird concoctions depending on the mood and personality of the painting. In "Joy Luck club", both girl and cat seem to have completed their night mission and are reflecting on their sweet adventure! One can only guess what that mission is... perhaps it's another fairy tale....

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” - C.S. Lewis
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