Catmasutra 4 - Tomato-based Cat Fish Soup

So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,
then they seem improbable, and then,
when we summon the will,
they soon become inevitable.

If your cat squeeze into a can of tomato soup with its favorite fish bone , you'll end up with a real bundle of messy delight - just as if Santa Claus were to squeeze himself down a chimney with his huge load of Christmas goodies. Those must be happy times - improbable things that happen, that make us smile and laugh. Can you remember those moments in the past year?

Sometimes it seems that we are living the same life many times over, the same cycles with more or less of the same. It's like in this big book of life, most of our pages are blank except for the few planned holidays and special occasions that we jot down in our calendar. Maybe we should just slow things down a tad and take some time to savor each day, allowing the flavor of happiness to permeate our life. Happiness is a simple thing - we don't have to wait for that holiday or to buy that branded product. It is freely available now in this present moment. The more you let go, the more space you have for happiness.

The key to happiness is having dreams...
the key to success is making dreams come true.

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