Catmasutra 4 - Paper Boat

Rainy days are special days, and I remember always running out to watch the rain as a child. Sometimes, I made paper boats and set them afloat onto the drain. I watch them travel as far down as possible before the rain beat them down. Sometimes after a thunderstorm, a new scene emerges as if the old one has been peeled away. Perhaps that is the true reality, that every moment is a new beginning if we catch ourselves and choose to see it.

At the end of each cycle, at the end of each dark cloud, a bright one is always waiting to shine through. Perhaps as we grow older, we discriminate too much, tend to see everything as a continuity, from one thing to the next, from the past to the present into the future. If one paper boat sinks, we can always make another one! No matter what we plan to do, we should act on the thought without thinking too much about it. When we think we can do something later, we would have lost the moment. Like a child running out to play in the rain, he would never have to think twice!

There is always more than one way to live a life. The "real world" is never really out there, but if you believe what others tell you, then that is your real world. People from different cultures think differently. We think differently in part because our government has taught us how to think. If everything revolves around money and stability and growth, then that is your reality.
It takes a lot of courage and practice to believe in oneself but it's definitely more exciting than living a life that is not entirely yours.

Stories are always true,

it's the facts that mislead.


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