Singapore Art Exhibition - The Enlightened Series - Fire

There was quite a bit of research that goes into these 5 paintings. I was looking for ways to represent the five elements, and in a way, imbue the paintings with the qualities of each element. Fire is an element that is filled with energy, resonating with qualities of dynamism, strength and persistence. It is very active and vibrant, and it moves outward, expanding with the potential of going into full bloom, energised by the colour red (which is associated with extreme luck). It is associated with fame and good name, and the way of making one visible in the world. It is the flame that provides warmth, creativity and enthusiasm. And there's the fire from the heart as everything external is a reflection of the internal. And for strength and solidity, the abstraction of a stone statue of Buddha meditating, igniting the flame of fire.

As it is, the 5 elements are more phases or dynamic states of change, and as always, balance is key. An excess of fire can also burn in the destructive cycle, resulting in aggression, impatience, anger or impulsive behaviour. Our sense of self or the way the world plays out for us is a play of patterns. Each stage is always a phase, transient and ever changing; when we're caught up in it, we never believe it to be so. ;) haha It's only when the phase has taken its turn, that we look back and realise that it has passed. And with that, we get older and hopefully wiser ;) wahahahaha... More on the other paintings soon...


4th - 19th JUNE 2008
422 joo chiat road

Opening Hours:
monday-friday: 12pm - 7pm
saturday : 10am - 9pm

Paintings will be displayed till 19 June 2008

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