Singapore Art Exhibition - The Enlightened Series - Earth

The earth element was a little more difficult to conceptualize. 'Earth' is a great transformer that serves as a transition between elements. It is both yin and yang, its energy moving inward and centering, drawing all things towards its core, bringing harmony, balance, rootedness and stability. It is associated with earth tones, and yellows, and qualities such as patience, thoughtfulness, hard work and stability. I included in the painting the quality of change, of seeds with the potential to grow below ground, and seeds being scattered above it. The cat lies unperturbed by the cycle of things from the invisible to the visible, secure in the grounding of the roots, and safe in the open palm...

Given today's climate, it has become imperative that we become more aware of our environment and that we take a little more care with Planet Earth. It's getting hotter and hotter, the sea level is rising, the weather patterns are changing, and we are all a part of the problem and the solution. Haha I received a mail in recycled brown envelope from the National Environment Agency, with a tagline reading "Fight Climate Change, Conserve Energy, Save Money". About time the govt launch a campaign! Hopefully, with the 'Save Money' tag, more Singaporeans may begin to sit up and pay attention, and be drawn into the larger environment issue, especially with the recent spate of natural disasters and the tragic loss of lives.

Just saw 'Accuracy of Death' starring Takashi Kaneshiro, and the movie really ends splendidly, tying the whole movie together. So go catch the movie (most women will automatically go watch... maybe it's the dog)...When the Shinagami (the God of death), was asked by the woman he visited what he thought about death, the answer was "nothing special". The woman responded that even though that is true, as we all must die, life is very important to the person who lives it. That got me thinking when I was in Takashimaya today, which is very rare as I don't go to town on Saturdays (too many people). It's like a mad house as if branded stuff are being given out for free, wth queues appearing everywhere. People are lining up just to be able to be in the store to browse at bags and purses! Everybody seems to be lost in their own worlds; to every person, his or her life is so important. Yet, every other person is a stranger and they're almost meangingless to each other. Perhaps, that's why people don't normally see eye to eye. Most people think they're right when little things of conflicts crop up. So many isolated worlds... and yet we are one. We are everything and nothing. We, as everything, can begin to change the world and the only way to change the world is to change ourselves. Just by making a simple commitment to recycle stuff, we're actually changing ourselves and in turn, we're changing things... For better or worse, there's always a choice.

For all the 5 elements' paintings, I devised a "seal" haha that refers to the I Ching, and an abstraction of the Catmasutra emblem/logo based on the ancient Chinese Seal script, together with the Chinese character for the element, and the artist's signature. I'm quite fascinated with the seal script, the way it mimics nature . Earth is represented by three broken lines.

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