Catmasutra 5 painting exhibition

It's that time of the year when the cats of CatmaSutra come out to play!

Back to his quirky best, Paul Koh tugs at the heartstrings yet again and takes you to a bewildering and delightful fairy-tale realm. Snuggling up to the knowing and mischievious Catmasutra cat, you'll discover a place where emotions are innocent enough to run free, and dreams more than just make-believe. Quirky, amusing and karmic, Paul's paintings unveil an “in-between” world where innocence and mischief go hand in hand.

Michelle Chang's series, A Blue Beginning is a story of Angel who thinks he's got a bout of blues. He's determined to rid himself of this and so begins his quest. Angel travels far and wide and arrives at villages beyond the hills and magical lands, all in the hopes of finding a cure. He basks under the sunlight hoping to turn orange like his friend Halo. He sleeps under the starry night praying for a silver lining so that maybe, just maybe, he will not be blue anymore. Michelle Chang is taking a 2-year hiatus to complete her largest collection of work about Angel and his blues which will be unveiled in 2010 so come experience the beginning of an exciting journey!


18th - 28th DECEMBER 2008
229A South Bridge Road Singapore 058778 2nd Level

Opening reception: Thursday 18th December 2008 at 7pm
Opening hours: 11am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday

Tel: + 65 6226 2605 | Cell: 94872006 Contact: Keng Hock

Email: utterlyart@pacific.net.sg

December... it's the end of the year again... rains and showers are becoming more frequent... (I'm constantly getting drenched on the bike), the recession is hip again (you can hear about it all the time)... but no matter, the Christmas lights are out and time is the great reversal of things. Everything is just a matter of time - it just depends if you believe in whatever it is you believe enough. So here I am again - the traditional year-end Catmasutra exhibition, now in its fifth year! I could have sworn that once I woke up and saw Halo (my ginger cat) with her eyes wide shut and she had that famous "ear-to-ear" grin! Haha There will be quite a collection of works this year, a showcase of both new and old. I'm keeping the prices similar to that of Catmasutra 4 so do pop by and visit the gallery - and you might find yourself owning a little bit of mischief and good cheer...

And if you wanna get a Catmasutra skin for your laptop, visit
(Drop me a line if you have a favorite Catmasutra painting that you would like me to convert into skins)

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