catmaSutra cat art exhibition 6 - Six Appeal!

Bright, quirky, happy, and extremely sticky... the underlying sweetener that prods and gels catmaSutra 6 into existence. In preparing for Six Appeal, somebody has turned the hour glass upside down ... night becomes day... and mornings slip away before I can shake my dreams away. It's the sweetest constellation, regulated not by the ticking of the clock, but by an 'unnatural' natural rhythm (the stoned-out vampire syndrome). The rainy days are a plus, beating down the incessant heat with its own intense outpouring. The strong thumping of the rain in the early morning hours, in the afternoons and the nights exudes a weird sense of completion. Haha I have taken so many photos of the rain that I can probably do an album on the theme soon. Along with scouting for music (for music that resonates is the sound of the soul), listening to the rain, painting and watching the entire range of activities my cats go through (which ain't that many, considering their favourite zzz pastime)- this is truly the sweet taste of freedom.

Have a beautiful vision.
Walk softy, live gently.
Find your own stars
live for them...

So this is the theme for catmaSutra Six Appeal, finding that quirky, delightful feeling that makes you contemplate and believe that things can be transformed just by holding on to a vision; for an artist, how an empty canvas can be transformed by an idea, into the sweetest constellation - the personal configuration of stars that allows us to move in the way we want. All we can do is believe and follow the signs, or as the catmaSutra cats would have it, the code of Meowism...


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