catmaSutra cat art gifts and collectibles


Sara Lov - Fountain
animated by  Seonna Hong.


Been raining crazy the past days... but then again, I do like the rain and its music. The sound of rain falling is  like a grand symphony, the chorus followed by the melody...the air cool and moist with birds chirping their little songs one after another. It's all seamless, one blending into another, the waves of thumping raindrops, a strong outpouring and then fades and softens. We take for granted the passing of each day but the rain makes us stop and we should stop for a while. Maybe rain is like music, our little music videos that allow us to swim in its melody... In the grand scheme of things, our time here is short; it's as if we're living on borrowed time.  Every thing fades and softens...

How I loved the rain-
Used to be
because it felt like
for things we did
and didn't do.

The comfort of rain-
because it seemed cold
but  it's warm within.
It tasted bitter-sweet,
 this hidden smile
this fateful tear

I still love the rain
but now only as change
from a sunny day..

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Everything is soul and flowering...


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