catmaSutra 8 - Ride with me!

catmaSutra 8 art exhibition

Ride With Me!

 Ride with Me, 36 x 24"

"Ride with Me" takes us away to a place where small things matter more than big ones - like getting ready for a dance in the rain, spending time waiting for the sun to rise, or hours watching birds and fishes glide through their universes. The catmaSutra cats take us through a journey based on innocence, where imagination marries delight, freedom exudes playfulness, such that we can become a child again. We become the music that we are - a blissful symphonic harmony - when we stop to reacquaint ourselves with these moments. Immerse and indulge then in the 8th collection of catmaSutra paintings!

 In the studio...

There's something about a motorcycle that I couldn't resist. Not sure what it is - the open road, the  nearness of the elements, the individuality of the ride, or an indescribable sense of  freedom; perhaps it is the fine line that makes us rebels - The rejection of that which is widely prescribed to the freedom of listening to one's own heart...That heart is a vulnerable one and it will break many times but I suspect it wouldn't have it any other way...

  Rebels, 30 x 30"

 Only the gentle are truly strong.”
~ James Dean

 'Rebels' was recently exhibited and sold at Affordable Art Fair 2012.

More posts to come re the latest catmaSutra painting!

Exhibition runs from
6th - 23rd Dec 2012
Utterly Art
20B Mosque Street
3rd Level


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