Some photos from a collective exhibition I did last year - Non-collectibles. For my part, I showcased the photos I've taken of stray cats in Singapore for the last few years (You can view the collection here) Also i wanted to bring out the beauty in these cats. There were several horrific incidents of cat abuse that were reported in the papers then. Makes you wonder the kind of world we live in. At the same time, you see people working so hard to take care of these cats (eg, Cat welfare society).
The AVA sucks. That's my opinion. Can't see any heart in their actions. Once I have to bail a cat (already neutered) caught by the AVA (because some fellow complained that the cats MIGHT scratch his/her BMW). I have to pay (was it a $100?) for its weekend stay (in a cage with uncleared urine and pieces of food lying around). It was really sad to find such a affectionate cat in such a state. I have been feeding him and have come to know the cat quite well. When i took him away in my car, he stopped meowing and seemed contented to hear my voice. It was a good feeling when I set him free. I returned to look for him but I was unable to find him. I hope he does well in his new neighborhood.
Why do people abuse animals? Kellert and Felthous (1895, 1122-1124) identified nine typologies for animal abuse. 1. to control an animal. 2. to retaliate against an animal. 3. to retaliate against another person 4. to satisfy a prejudice against a species or breed 5. to express anger through an animal 6. to enhance one's own aggressiveness 7. to shock people for amusement 8. to displace hostility from a person to an animal 9. to perform non-specific sadism... Sometimes I'm saddened by children (even adults) who squirmed and screamed at the sight of stray cats. I don't think we have a choice if we ever witness animal abuse - keeping silent is not an option.
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