Catmasutra - Unplugged?

Paintings in Catmasutra is about creating a world that exists between our memories and reality – an “in-between” world. It is about the magic that suddenly grabs us, makes us laugh and remember things that don’t necessarily fit neatly anywhere. But you know it’s there, warm with life, hopelessly elusive, yet popping up time and again to fill you up in weird places. What is it that creates magic? Special times, special memories – maybe that’s why it’s important to keep on experiencing new things, travel and be in a different place at least once a year. Get out of the system for a while. See, hear and feel things for yourself. Pull the plug. Follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole. Live…

We live in a programmed society, where we’re not encouraged to find out who we are or what we really want to do – just what would guarantee us a better living in the future. Guarantee? Better living? These terms are weird because they co-relate only to money and status. Instead of living well by doing the things we love to do (those are the fortunate few), we’re more likely to see ourselves as graduates or non-graduates, lawyer or doctor, banker or professional, owning a Mercedes or Hyundai, a Condominium or HDB apartment, upwardly mobile or progressively stagnating. We’re manufactured to think that way, with many falling off the wayside unable to make the mark and resigned to life as a very average 7-digit NRIC number. It’s almost like we’re manufactured – with 20 years of programming – and finally churned out, thrown into the market place, with first class seats already assigned. The rest of us are just there to make the numbers, to pay our debts (that we’ve so unknowingly accumulate), and make the system work. That can’t be true, can it? Haha - Whether we’re in first or economy class, we’re all on the same flight. We choose what we bring into our lives and we have only one chance at it. Pull the plug?
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