Finally - Catmasutra.com!

Yay! Finally got www.catmasutra.com! I was waiting for the domain for a long time and having given it up for lost cause, registered catmasutra-art.com instead. It was held by someone else who, during the last few years, didn't do anything with it. A few months back, I noticed that the domain has expired and there was a notice for the owner to renew it. I was checking it quite frequently then but gave up after a while. Then last week, it was available!!! YAY! Registered it straight away!!!!

"Fat Cat" was the first painting I did of a cat with a fish bone. It was a small piece exhibited in 2003, and one of the few pieces that was sold. It was probably this painting that sparked off the creation of the Catmasutra series! This painting was used as one of the designs for a pack of Christmas Cards for Cat Welfare Society. So come year end, remember to get the pack for a worthy cause and come to my annual exhibition! Fat Cat has really evolved since haha into the shape of Halo, who has been steadily putting on weight as if preparing for this role. Even the fish head is different; Now it has the shape of a heart, an object that signifies one's desires. The secret to getting what one wants? It is to know you have it already. Easier said than done!

This was another piece that was sold, called "Gesture".
HAha I missed this piece as well.
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