Catmasutra Cat-inspired Collectibles

Finally got down to it and finished at least the first phase of stuff at cafePress! Yay! Now you can get all kinds of Catmasutra collectibles at www.cafepress.com/catmasutra. It's fun putting these things together and I'm always quite amused at how these paintings turn out from big buttons, small buttons, magnets, mousepads, tote bags, to throw pillows and keepsake boxes. My favorite are the journals! Well, I'll probably be the first person to buy them, wahahahha! I have started categorizing my art and it's interesting to see the kind of stuff that I usually paint, like a street directory of the world of the Catmasutra cats haha!

I have the SURREALIST POP section where you find the cats in improbable situations, like sleeping in the clouds, smoking a cigarette, or negotiating with tree frogs and sparrows! And I have the CAT ART PARODY of course, where the cat weave its way into masterpieces by Monet, Magritte, Hockney, Warhol, Botero! And the QUIRKY & IRREVERENT section, probably reflecting my inclination to get away from rules as much as possible (Funny that we always assume that without rules, man's inherent 'bad-ness' will take over and there will be world chaos ). LOVE & OTHER TEMPTATIONS explores the Catmasutra cat in all sorts of enviable positions while WINE & DINE, COCKTAILS AND CAT TALES speak of art of levitation with Lychee Martini, whiskey, sushi and wasabi. Last but not least, a KARMIC BLISS section where you find the cat in silent repose, majestic and peaceful in the presence of the divine! This is the first phase so I could only put up a couple of images, but that's the road map!

Sometimes I feel like I'm returning to an earlier time where I was an editor for children's books, as well as writing and illustrating a couple of books for children. It's like having a beginner's mind, looking at the simplest things and transforming them into something magical (haha Most things magical comes from the world of children). The deeper you weave into it, the more magic you can find, and that's when imagination takes us away. I guess as children, there are no road blocks. The runway is clean and clear, and the sky's literally the limit. As in the Golden Compass, all things are still changeable before the dust settles and as in Star Wars, both Anakin and Luke have been denied Jedi training in the first instance because they are too old. They have already seen the road blocks and signs that point the other way!

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