Catmasutra commission piece - Soul Mates

Commission an original Catmasutra painting if your favorite piece has already been bought. This version is called "Soul Mates", a variation of an earlier piece "Equilibrium" in the Catmasutra 4 exhibition. Well, red cheongsam or qipao has always been a favorite subject for me. It is oriental and sexy, and deep red has become my favorite color on canvas. It's overbearing to have red walls, but with a predominantly red painting, it can transform a place depending on what you want. Maybe that's the beauty of collecting paintings. You can easily change the mood by swapping paintings.

Both paintings are set in the afternoon. It's probably a typical hot afternoon and there's an hour or two respite before the next 'to-do' list. The ceiling fan is spinning, and there is a slight breeze from the opened windows and doors. Light filters into the living room and the coolest place to be is on the roughly-cemented floor, with a couple of colorful cushions thrown in. A tall glass with ice cubes in your favorite drink, a book or magazine in hand, your body relaxed and at ease... and with the whiff of such luxuriant concoction of delight on display, the cat irresistibly appears and snuggles in, all ready for a belly rub...

Autumn (2004)

Some of my older paintings with the same theme....

Painted these two back in 2003. Now I'm regretting not taking proper shots of them. I'm in the mood to paint these two again, the back and front of a cheongsam but in a more abstract style, and maybe sneak in parts of the cat somewhere haha!

Rushes of Red 1

Rushes of Red 2

Red Sky

and the cat sleeps,
as the sun sets,
again as usual,
an afternoon delight...
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