Cat art Catmasutra - Broken Kitty!

A friend of mine went roller-blading one day and there was a little accident and she ended up with a broken leg. I sent her an x-ray n' she said it was her right leg, not left. Later on, she bumped her head and I thought of adding a Handyplast on the cat's head, but thought better of it. We don't want any more damage especially in the head wahahahah! So here's the throwback to the little incident but I prefer the retro-looking roller skates, and she likes pink so voila - broken kitty on skates!

The little accidents in life. One can never plan too much ahead. Just know who you are and where you want to go. Everything else will just follow. Life is a paradox. That much is evident. The more we grasp after something, the harder we have to try to get it. Fear creeps in and keeps us from moving in the right direction. The whole Singaporean psyche is based on security. From the day of her independence, it is about security, or the fear of losing that security. This fear translates to most things we do. Haha But nothing lasts forever so enjoy it while it lasts, whatever it is- even a broken leg!

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