The Catmasutra Totebag...

Been busy doing a few freelance and commission projects, and my other two exhibitions in June and August are coming up. Yep, I'm gonna be tied up for a bit... Good thing about this 'break' is that you get to choose how you wanna live your day, every day. You get to face your own ups and downs, and know your own mind a little better as you are not 'regulated' or 'distracted' externally. Everything is a cycle and everything changes - that is the only guarantee in life (other than death and taxes). So it's also about training yourself to live in the here and now. That is the only proper way to live. Otherwise, we're just leaking days that we can never recollect because they're not special in any way. Haha the real mystery of life is always in the here and now; in the very least, you'll realize that you're alive to live this day.

Māo, zì dòng
"Cat, Automatic" a literal translation which is a subtle reference to Halo's ability to sleep automatically everywhere. Wahahahah! Now you can get the totebag at CafePress. This is one of my favs and it looks cool on other stuff as well. There are so many things that we do, think, or feel automatically - all seemingly beyond our control. Truth is, they're automatic because we have been practicing them for years (the good and bad stuff)! So if you want to change anything, you just have to change your thought patterns and re-wire them habitually. Negativity, fear and doubt are all useless emotions as they just delay whatever you want to achieve. And it's not a nice way to live haha!

All degrees of success are based on courage- mental or physical.
All degrees of failure are based on timidity
~Prentice Mulford

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