Catmasutra Cat-art collectibles & goodies!

I've delivered my first batch of Catmasutra goodies! Many thanks to those who are now amongst the first people to own these uber-cute, karmic cat collectibles. I really love the keepsake boxes! They're solidly made as well as the tile coasters. The colors are deep and suit my paintings very well. And now resting on my work table is a Catmasutra Campbell's mousepad - the big grin never fails to put a smile on my face especially when I'm working the mouse haha (yep, even the artist is not immune to this effect). Hmmm...if there's any particular painting that you're interested in, let me know and I'll try to put it up. I'm also putting more and more Catmasutra Earth day designs up towards April 22nd... the higher we go (literally or spiritually), the more we know we are connected in a much bigger way. As the saying goes, the view is always different from above. Whatever we do, we're doing them to ourselves, good or bad.
Now that I've done all these little stuff, I'm thinking of incorporating designs in Catmasutra as well as using the original artworks. It would be good if i could make them locally as it would be cheaper minus the shipping costs and exchange rate. So if any one has lobang locally or regionally, let me know! ;)

On another note, I was surfing for cat stuff and found Cat Power. Now I'm hooked to the song "Lived in bars". Even the video has a natural beauty and rhythm to it. Makes me just wanna throw a party, get high, and float away. Things happen in weird ways, and sometimes when the time is up, we have to let them go - people and things alike - we don't possess anything.



skalikat said...

Hey Paul, keep up with what u are doing. I so love your paintings... and the tile coasters are really so neat! =)

paul of paulMysh! said...

Thanks skalikat!
Will keep it up!!!

Kiera Roxanne said...

eh paul you damn slow ley, now then find out cat power. she's the sex larh! i love her... woot woot.