Catmasutra - Alter ego and Portrait of a Cat

This is a big piece I did in 2005 for Catmasutra 2 measuring 29 x 40 inches - a cat that is larger than life!! While painting for the annual Catmasutra exhibition, each new painting will take its place on the walls, radiating its own blend of Catmasutra magic. Nearing the exhibition, I normally run out of walls to hang the paintings. Haha - it's simply wonderful when they're all up! The whole place will come alive and you can't help but be cheered by the wide grins and the irrepressible nature of these "cats". Sometimes Halo and Angel will be near the paintings and it's quite surreal - haha! I really enjoyed that period, and would be sad when I have to transport them to the gallery. It would be quiet again. "Portrait of a cat" is also in the postcard book. So I have this postcard framed up and sometimes I would wake up to its wide grin. Hmm it'll then remind me of how I should treat each day (kinda like a personal smiling buddha of sorts). I think we take many things for granted and with each passing day, we may lose something precious if we're not careful. It's 3 am and I'm writing this entry and listening to the theme song from Pan's Labyrinth. It's a cool movie distorting the line between reality, fantasy and imagination. What's real? What's not? How do we know the difference? Do we want to know the reason? haha I really should be zzzzzzzzZZZZZZ.
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