Catmasutra iii - Drunk.Punch.Love

Two more of my favorite pieces were sold - "Drunk.Punch.Love" and today, "Dancers" which I was just musing over yesterday! Drunk.Punch.Love, the title was based on the movie "Punch-Drunk Love" starring Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. It won the Best Director prize at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival, and is about "...this misfit love story of disconnected people trying to find one another in an antagonistic world... a comedy of discomfort and rage that turns unexpectedly sweet and pure". It was a departure from the kind of movie that Sandler normally does, and I really liked the film when I saw it. It has an "Art Film" feel and pacing to it, and it leaves you with a "pleasing, unplaceable sensation...". This is the same with this Catmasutra piece, full of contradictions, both sweet and bitter, both happy and sad, but intrinsically, it's about the certain sweetness on the surface, and in this case, a kind of candy coating that lets us roll with life's punches, that allows us to swallow the bitter pills a little bit more easily. The concept of the painting was inspired by Damien Hurst "Untitled" piece done in 1996 using gloss household paint and butterflies on canvas. The fate of the beautiful butterflies caught in candy juxtapose the bittersweet condition of life; We need to know one in order to know the other....
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