Catmasutra says Hello 2007!

Who better to herald in the new year, but an angel skilled in the 'The Art of Levitation'? Get sloshed, stay happy and levitate that green apple! Make your resolutions and live, live , live! To be or not to be? Angel, my russian blue cat has mastered the 'be' of ultimate contentment, each moment lived to perfection (or at least it seems so;)! Perhaps it's better not to ask about the proverbial meaning of life but instead be questioned by life, and answering for our own lives, moving forward and letting go in whatever situations we find ourselves in. Like Angel, each life cannot be replaced or repeated. This is the party where everyone is invited. Enjoy ;)

Thanks to all who loved and supported the latest
Catmasutra (III) painting exhibition which recently concluded on Christmas eve 2006.
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