Vampire Days - Nine Lives

"Vampire Days - Nine Lives", one of two pieces left from 2006 Catmasutra III Art exhibition, departs significantly from the rest of the collection. First of all, there're no cats (Haha) except for what the title implies. Inspired by one of my favorite movies "Interview with the Vampire", this smaller painting measuring 18 by 18 inches is a rare "mood" piece depicting the dark places we sometimes find ourselves in. Anne Rice breathed new life into the archetypal vampire myth, exploring the condition of immortality and the reality of death in varying nuances. “Nine lives” a common folklore of cats alludes to the cycles of a lifetime, how when one dies another begins. Transformation is another key theme in this painting akin to the rapture and awakening of a vampire. The “vampire tooth” shows this transformation and struggle to find the beginning of a new cycle (also based on the likeness of my Russian blue cat and its vampire-looking tooth sticking out from one corner of his mouth, and not to mention its insatiable appetite for anything you might be eating in his presence!). Haha - a good friend of mine also has vampire teeth sticking out of the corners of her mouth! Here’s to the end of everything bad in 2006 and the beginning of promise in 2007.
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