catmasutra II - The dancers & core of apple

These are two of the few remaining pieces from the 2005 Catmasutra art exhibition - "Dancers" and "Core of apple". The former is still at utterly Art but I'm hanging "Core of apple" at my office for now. Haha. Dancers is actually a "slimming Asian version" of Fernando Botero's "The Dancers".With all the slimming ads floating around (especially those miraculous ones where fat people are transformed into slim ones), the slim version of us is always lurking somewhere in our subconscious... So it was then in the true nature of Catmasutra that the cat is frolicking and growing fat while the couple is reduced in size appropriately! As the night trickles on, the scene exudes a magical quality where everything is stripped down to its core elements - a satisfying relationship between the dancers, the cat and the setting! Also the wooden flooring reminded me of the pubs in shophouses at Paranakan Place or MS where we throw everything on the floor, cigarettes, peanuts... Haha... except nowadays, you can't smoke unless you are standing in some sort of a yellow parking lot!
"Core of Apple" is a catmasutra take on Rene Magritte's "Son of Man". In the catmasutra version, the cat has eaten the forbidden apple and the man finally shows his face (albeit a happy manga-looking face). Haha No need to hide behind the root of all sins - it's just an apple for heaven's sake! It seems there are no longer any easy illusions in this day and age. No more 'highs' of the sixties or a genuine belief in anything. Days of celebrations has become causes for terror (like the bombing incidents in Bangkok on New Year's Day). Everybody is so angry these days. With the smirk on his face, and the trademark grin on the cat's - maybe this is the perfect way to approach the new year... Live and let live!
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