Catmasutra cats - Stay happy!

Ever wonder why a cat always look so happy and contented? One reason may be that the cat always lives in the here and now. As the old Buddhist saying goes, "If you have a problem you cannot solve, why worry about it? If you have a problem you can solve, then why worry about it?" If you know your true nature just as a cat does (a cat never has to question its own nature, haha), it just means you don't need to put too much focus on the external situation- just be - like a catmasutra cat! Wahahaha

Whatever we feel we need externally, we'll always worry on how to get it. Somehow without realizing it, we equate acquiring things with happiness such as a better job, a bigger house, a new car, etc. Haha Well, if you look within yourself and search a little, you realize very little is needed to be happy. Just look at Angel - a creature that moves with its entire being and not conflicted in any way. When it sleeps, it sleeps; When it plays, it plays; When it hunts, it hunts! It's a catmasutra state of mind with the "eyes-wide-shut and ear-to-ear grin", a concoction of childhood innocence cum devil-may-care bravado, with a rich topping of self-belief and unpretentiousness! It's something we all had as children before we subject ourselves to "real-world" programming, and forget our true nature.

If you are not anxious to attain all your temporal desires, then you don't have to worry about the future, and with that you can let go of unnecessary hopes and fears. When you are naturally happy from within (like a catmasutra cat), everything else that you accomplish can be viewed as a special bonus, an extra sweetness to life - and nothing more! Enjoy them for the personal progress and maturity that you gain. They're never a substitute for true happiness!

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