Catmasutra - travel as far as you can!

"Not until you become a stranger to yourself will you be able to make acquaintance with the Friend." - Mark Twain.

It's funny when you finally recognize who you are. That's when you realize that you have been doing remedial lessons for who knows how long, repeating in each class until you finally pass the exams. I think we learn about life in two stages. First we have to grasp the lessons intellectually, and with time and more remedial lessons, we will finally understand them emotionally from within ourselves. Then we'll be able to move as one and that's when we know whatever decision we make can never be wrong.

There are always two journeys that we take on the road – one internal and the other external:) At the end of the road, it is the former that matters the most as it leads you closer to who and what you really are. So don't be stuck with what you feel you can outgrow. If the old methods don't work anymore, it's time to graduate to the next class. Travel as far as you can, and you'll realize there's no such things as coincidences! Everything is happening for a reason and a purpose. We have been creating our past without really knowing it. Haha Perhaps, it's about time we create our future knowingly. There is always a choice.

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