Catmasutra mind switch - Got light?

Happiness is always within us. Look inside and you know it's there. If we have to struggle for it, then we must wonder what is the value of such happiness. The cats know this! Haha We must wonder if we're even fishing at the right place.

It's so important to remain true to oneself. Only then can we really attain happiness from what we learn and do, and the personal growth we derive from it. It's especially true when we're doing things we know we're meant to do. On the most basic level, it may be an inclination, or an instinct that we're good at certain things. It's easy for artists for they know from early on, and yet it is difficult as there are definitely other professions such as being a doctor or lawyer, that society encourages more. Whatever it is, never settle for what is not you. That is what a cat is good at haha! Don't risk living life lethargically - it's not worth it.

Time to light your fire...

Everybody is born to do something, some more obvious others, but finding our talents and using them is our birth right! Happiness and enthusiasm can come only from doing what you like and feeling that you are helping others to grow by doing it.
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