Catmasutra commissioned cat portrait

Just completed this commissioned piece recently. Okay, so I added the flower and heart to better showcase Vicky's personality. It's actually a Halloween beanie that Vicky is wearing, and I suspect that is one of the reasons why she is a bit grouchy in this photo! But she does it anyway just to humor her owner... After all, she is the one who chose her own "master"!

Every cat tells a story haha. And sometimes, you gotta wonder about these things. As the story goes, Vicky the white cat with beautiful blue eyes resided next door before she decided to adopt her new owner. First she introduced herself by appearing to the owner in the yard. A few days of this ritual, and she positioned herself at the doorstep, always in time to greet the owner she wanted to adopt. And before long, Vicky ventured inside the house, never breaking anything, and never dirtying anything. The friendship grew and soon, the actual owner has to come over each night to bring Vicky home!

Then one day, the owner said to her neighbour, “Do you think you would want to adopt this cat?” And with that the rest is history. Cat and new owners live happily ever after. It’s also funny that my first cats were all called “Vicky”! And now I have the pleasure of presenting “Vicky” – catmasutra style!!!

If you want a catmasutra/dogmasutra (which I'm trying to develop) portrait of your cat or dog, then contact me! Haha.. It can be any pet that you have and that would be interesting to do as well!!! Hmmm...

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