catmasutra - The Red Scooter

"Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you may still exist, but you have ceased to live."-Mark Twain. The desire to ride... where does it come from? Riding carry its own meanings, enrapture you with more truths than illusions haha. If you understand it, you'll know it's different from driving a car - "Scooter philosophy." "In a car, everybody is safe and sound. A climate controlled, weather resistant compartment, listening to a tune on the radio and watching the scenery through the windows. Watching the Movie pass them by. And they’re inside. All buckled up and cozy. Detached."

"But on a bike, you’re not watching the Movie – you’re in the Movie. The wind is whipping. The bugs are kissing. You’re in it. The Movie is everywhere you are. It rains, you get wet. Sun shines, you get dry. Oil slick on a curve, and you’re tasting gravel for a mid-day snack." When you desire to ride just because you desire it (not because you can't afford a car, or that it's just more convenient), you would have come into direct contact with the journey. "Need to clear your thoughts, get your head straight? Put two wheels to the asphalt and roll it on. Just you and you alone living the Dream. You are the Dream – the Experience. You get to make the choices..."- John Sparger.

The red scooter - I finally found the inspiration to complete it haha! I have this image about the ride for some time already. I sketched this out last year and finally, it's done (okay, a few more touch-ups here and there)! The essence of the ride is really this feeling of freedom, although this is not possible during rush hours - then, it's just about moving much faster than all the other vehicles!).


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