Catmasutra cat - Happy in the rain?

Why is getting caught in the rain such a funny affair? Haha.. I have just parked the car when the rain started pelting down. A woman was crossing the road in a hurry and there was a big smile on her face. Several other people got out of their cars and hurried towards the shelter and they have a big smile on their faces too! Maybe it was the surprise that they were caught out this way, but I suspect that in that few seconds (or minutes depending on your luck) that you are scrambling towards dry land, you are actually having fun!

You can't blame anyone for the weather, and it's almost like nature's way of saying, "Go on... make a fool of yourself! " I sat in the car and I could not resist taking my camera out and squeezing off a couple of shots. I was actually laughing to myself and enjoying the scene. And it wasn't your everyday rain, but more like buckets of water being emptied on us over and over again. You wonder sometimes, like how Halo must wonder, when I bathe her haha! Cats tend to wear "fur coats", if you know what I mean. When they're wet, they actually look skinny! Well, Halo no longer has that problem! Anyway, I suspect that laughter in the rain is a universal phenomenon and who knows, with the right perspective, rain is that break in life that we need once in a while!

In England...

In New Delhi...

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