Catmasutra -"Jiǔ"

Sketched this out last year! It was one of those frenzied moments when I was inspired to put lines on canvas one after another... haha And of course, once that energy is spent, then I have a little trouble putting paint on them. It's like the inspired moments have used up all the energy required to finish the paintings. Not sure which approach is better - to complete one painting in its entirety or sketch a few all at one go...

The inspiration for this is of course sake - barrels of them! Wahahaha
So this is Catmasutra branded "jiu"
Good for the soul and the replenishment of the catmasutra spirit!!

Apparently sake is a common offering to the gods.
These barrels of sake are all found in Kamakura Temple - good sign!

Inspired and drunk, this piece is finally completed! It's funny when the dozen of times I have looked at this sketch and I can't find its potential. Perhaps the trick is to do a little at a time, breathing life into the lines. And it'll grow with you, and the recurring thought of drinking sake from the barrel certainly helps the process. When the cat finally emerges from the barrel, it's party time!!

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