Absolute Bliss

More and more I'm borrowing time from sleep... Time to be able to squeeze into another plane, personified by the irrepressible Catmasutra cats. Go to a place where no words are needed. You communicate by a thought, a gesture, a wink, a grin, a nod of the head (haha that's how I communicate with my cats), of getting high without alcohol... Absolute Bliss! Stealing a quote from Murakami, "People are looking for their tales inside themselves. Without tales people can’t live their lives..."

This painting was painted in November 2004, from the Catmasutra 1 exhibition held at 37 the bar (no wonder, the cat gets high!), and was one of the first few to be sold (and was sunsequently resold!). Really missed this painting now; it was the first piece that I used alcohol bottles as a motif...
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