New Catmasutra painting - Sniffing the Kenzo flower

Contains: 50ml Eau de Parfum Natural Spray, 75ml Creamy Body Milk - Flower is a contemporary fragrance for the modern, city woman who looks to nature for inspiration and renewal. Flower by Kenzo. A flower in the city.

Kenzo launched it to celebrate Valentine’s Day using the image of a red poppy. Poppies have the tendency to spring up anywhere, and as a reviewer puts it, "rather like love itself"! The association was quickly established, the red poppy as a celebration for love and life. This is, of course, a little different from what poppies are traditionally associated with...

The opium poppy, Papaver somniferum which loosely translates to "sleep-bringing poppy" is banned in Singapore - wahahahahah. In the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, there are magical poppy fields that will bestow eternal sleep for those who passed through them.

The poppy flower is attractive because of its promise to take you to another plane, and the power of red to stir even the most hidden desires. Sniffing the Kenzo Flower (5th May 2007), a new catmasutra painting is a play on the power of imagination, of how Kenzo magically created a scent for a flower that does not have much smell to begin with. It is also about the opiates that we need in life, to be moved and be carried away (just as a cat would by catnip) by life's natural flow... Here, the red poppy has become a symbol for both life and death, for happiness and sadness - There will always be time for both.

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