Catmasutra 3 - Catzophrenia

I'm like searching for something... A knot of air, solidified into something heavy (maybe lead) that lay immovable at the bottom. It probably will take some time before the knot unties itself and becomes air again so that I can breathe it out. Right now, it's catzophrenic split personality - a tale of 2 halves taped together with a Catmasutra Balm pain patch.

Catzophrenia (1997). Inspired by the classic 50's badass biker's tattoo, it blares violently with the horsepower of 512 light bulbs. Catmasutra adds brakes to the same imagery, and is akin to a night shelter after speeding for hours on a highway. Rather than ending in a fireworks of explosion, it stops for a little respite, refueling the passion to find that something in between the two halves, and accepting the abyss that sometimes comes with it.
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