Catmasutra - Spashing around...

Work in progress for Before the Splash... This painting is actually quite a tedious piece as it actually involves straight lines haha... As you would have guessed, I'm a rather messy painter so getting it straight means having to somehow straighten my brain patterns... it's just not natural! And I have to be extra careful as I wait for one coat of paint to dry before I can paint the other. I used a roller to create a flat surface and tape to delineate the straight edges...

It's uncanny how I'll get paint all over the place including myself all the time... Sometimes it's hard as we just don't have any space. It would be a dream to have a big painting studio with cemented floor that you don't have to worry about getting dirty. One day, maybe that'll come true too. When I first started painting, I have to scrape the paints off the floor after each session, and then I bought the cheapest carpet from Ikea and viola! No more cleaning...Haha

It's really staisfying when the whole piece comes together! Catmasutra is about being happy and quirky, bringing all kinds of stuff from everyday things to popular culture and even high culture, and condensed them to one cheeky and happy moment. Our minds like to follow patterns, and humour helps to effect a sudden change in perception. It helps us to break the pattern, see things differently!

Painting will never be the same if the cats are not around, either having them snoozing on the bed, or chasing each other in and out of the room, or simply taking up strategic space (Angel is the main culprit here) on the floor so that I cannot move my chair. Halo has a peculiar habit as well... she loves to drink from my painting mugs... Each time when I'm most engrossed, she'll make a habit of jumping to the table and attempt to drink from the mug... And each time, like a waiter, I have to bring her a fresh mug; otherwise she'll drink the paint stained water. Sometimes I think water in the paint mugs are like Coke to her, and running water from the tap, is akin to beer! What a good life! That's what Catmasutra is about!
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