Kids of the temple

The temples are like labyrinths. I don't remember their names but they're like physical manifestation of the passage ways inside your mind. There are entrances and exits, one path leading to another. The color of the rocks and the texture of the temple landscape while you're in them is really fascinating. Each temple seems the same but they are different. They look like they're part of nature (perhaps they have been around for so long that they are), and yet they are man-made.

There are not as many kids around now as a friend (who has been there before and acts as our resident tour guide) suggests. And of course, if you wanna take photos of them they would ask for "one dollar". The landscape is changing rapidly. Roads are being built; Grand hotels are appearing everywhere; I think the innocence that my friend saw a few years ago are rapidly losing its grip to syndication and commercialization. Everything, it seems, has its price.

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